The meaning of my art

I really believe that a lot of problems in understanding abstract art come from art critics and historians pretending to know what the artist was thinking when creating a particular work. When in fact, the artist may not have known what he/she was thinking. I also believe that some artists have felt so much pressue to explain their art that they end up making up some story to satisy the art establishment. Obviously this does not apply to all abstract artists/art, but I bet it does to more than we imagine.

I have had people try to explain some of my own images to me and I just laugh. In some of them I am trying to convey some emotion or feeling, much the way that instrumental music conveys emotion (Kandinsky swore that he could hear color like music). However, in a lot of my stuff I am just experimenting (and believe me I have a lot of experimenting to do). Does this work with that, what if I changed this a little...

I am so caight up in the moment when I am creating that I don't have any idea what I'm thinking about and my art generally has no meaning. My art exists because I like the way it looks. Because of this, some may say that my work is in fact not "art" and that is fine by me. I enjoy creating my non-art and that is all that matters.

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