Download for week of 12/31

Here is the latest free weekly abstract download. Remember, these dowloads are available as 1024x 768 wallpapers and HiRes files for printing upto 16 x 20 inches. Yous are free to do whatever you want with these images, except sell them. Enjoy and please let me know what you think!!


New Website and Free HiRes Images

I have launched a new website, MichaelKoratich.com and am providing free HiRes images for download. On my Weekly Download page you can get FREE wallpapers (1024 x 768) and FREE high-resolution images that you can print at home, upload to one of the Internet photo printing services ( I recommend the Kodak Gallery), or take to your local Walmart or drug store digital photo center. These image files are great for printing up to 16 x 20 inches and are the equivalent quality of a 7 megapixel digital camera (they are large 7-10 megs, so be patient when downloading). You are free to do whatever you want with these files except sell them. I do ask that you leave my name and website visible when you frame the prints, but that is ultimately up to you. I will add one new image a week and previous images will remain available for download for at least a month. I hope you enjoy!!

Below is the first image you can download on my site.



(Z739)(RSBC)(DL)(R 90CW)(FT)(BC D)(FI)(USM 500,4.5,0)



(Z604.96)(RSBL)(PE 10,5,0)(Z90.48)(RSBL)(USM 500,57.7,0)
(BC 0,+17)(S 10,25,1)(USM 500,5.5,0)


(z156.83)(RSBC)(S 10,25,1)(USM 500,1.1,0)


(Z635.98)(RSNN)(USM 500,7.3,0)(USM 500,44.3,0)
(RC)(RC)(S 10,25,1)



(Z405.52)(RSNN)(USM 500,250,0)(USM 500,250,0)
(S 10,25,1)(USM 500,250,0)(USM 500,250,0)


(Z547.39)(RSBC)(USM 500,14.6,0)



(Z600)(RSBC)(USM 500,6.1,0)(S 10,25,1)(USM 500,6.1,0)

The Pixel Playground Project Website

The Pixel Playground Project website has gone live (http://pixelplayground.sciartists-online.com). You can now purchase prints using PayPal directly thru the site. Please take a look and let me know what you think.



(Z191.55)(RSBC)(USM 200,1.9,0)


(Z80)(RSBC)(USM 200,1.9,0)


(Z1600)(RSBC)(USM 500,100,0)(SP 10,12,5)(USM 200,1.9,0)

First Pixel Playground Daughter


(Z600)(RSBC)(USM 500,250,0)(SP 10,12,5)(USM 200,1.9,0)

The Pixel Playground Project

When it comes to digital art, I have been fascinated for several years with the process of starting with a single master image and by zooming in to various areas of that image, creating a seemingly endless number of new images. In fact, many of these zoomed images are far more interesting than the original. In turn, each of these daughter images can then serve as the master for another series of zoomed images. This has been the main process that I have used to create many of the images that populate this blog, my website, and my ArtWanted gallery.

Until now, I have always used this process freely without any established method of recording the relationship between images or the steps taken to produce each image. This new project, The Pixel Playground, will be my attempt to document an extended series of images starting from a single master image (seen at the end of this post).

All work will be done using only Photoshop 6 and the standard set of features that come with PS6. The starting parent image will always be 3600 x 2400 pixel image and my default magnification for working with this image will be 21.53%. Each daughter image will also end up being 3600 x 2400 pixels.

The steps used to create each daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter…will be documented using a system detailed in this example:

(Z350)(RSBC)(USM 500, 3.5, 0)(SP 10, 12, 5)(USM 200, 1.9, 0)

Z350 = Zoomed in on image to 350%, selected area, and copied to new file

RSBC = Resized image to 3600 x 2400 pixels using bicubic resample

USM 500, 3.5, 0 = Unsharp mask filter - Amount 500%, Radius 3.5 pixels, Threshold 0 levels

SP 10, 12, 5 = Sponge filter - Brush size 10, Definition 12, Smoothness 5

USM 200, 1.9, 0 = You can figure this one out

Other steps will be similarly documented and I will generate a key as the project progresses. Generally, steps used in creating each daughter image will be kept to a minimum. I will not document the location in the parent image where the daughter originated (some things have to be kept secret).

Tracking the lineage of each image will be accomplished using a simple naming system. Here is an example and explanation of a name:

Image name: PP-1A1A

PP: The Pixel Playground master image
PP-1: Daughter 1 derived from PP
PP-1A: Daughter 1 derived from PP-1
PP-1A1: Daughter 1 derived from PP-1A
PP-1A1A: Daughter 1 derived from PP-1A1

Another example:

Image name: PP-1B2A

PP: Master image
PP-1: Daughter 1 derived from PP
PP-1B: Daughter 2 derived from PP-1
PP-1B2: Daughter 2 derived from PP-1B
PP-1B2A: Daughter 1 derived from PP-1B2

Both of these names represent a fifth generation image and PP-1A1A and PP-1B2A would be second cousins (at least I think that is how it works out) and PP would be the great-great-grandmother.

I almost forgot to mention. Each image (except the master image) will be for sale as a limited-edition print (only 2 prints will be made of each image and 1 of them is mine). I will sign each print and provide a letter of authenticity. The prints will be made using Fuji Hunt Chemicals on Fujicolor Crystal Archive professional photographic paper (matte finish). This is a very high quality process that you find in most pro-labs with a very long life before any fading will occur. Each print will be 20 x 30 inches (the image is 16 x 24 with a 3-inch white border to make framing easier). The price of each print will be $100 and includes free shipping to the continental US (Please contact me for shipping outside of the US). Payment can be made through PayPal (preferred and only method for overseas payment) or by Postal Money Order (US only).

Over the next couple of weeks, I will establish a website dedicated to this project where you will be able to order prints directly. Until then, if you see one of the PP images that you would like to purchase, please send me an email with the name of the image you want to buy and I will contact you to work out the details.

And now, here is the Master Pixel Playground image